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QTL's Impact in the Classroom

QTL™ has helped more than 5,000 teachers in four states learn how to make the most of technology and other
classroom tools by integrating their use with
research-based teaching practice.

Evaluation has shown the program to be highly effective professional development for teachers, significantly increasing all of the following:

  • franklin county teachersImplementation of quality teaching strategies

  • Integration of technology into the classroom

  • Student engagement and learning.

How can QTL™ impact teachers and schools? Here are some of the formal evaluation reports.

Teacher Implementation & Student Response, 2006
This study of participants' pre and post-program survey responses shows that teachers who go through QTL™ emerge more likely to use effective teaching strategies. And a large majority notice an almost immediate impact on student performance, behavior and attitudes. Read all about it.

North Carolina Report, 2005
Participants report a deeper understand of how technology tools and teaching strategies combine for a positive impact on student learning. A whopping 93% believe their participation will lead to improved student performance - with almost 25% saying they've already seen changes in attitude, behavior and even academic achievement. 75% say students at all levels were more engaged in learning as a result of their QTL participation.
Read the full report.

Case Study: Botetourt County Schools
Botetourt County Schools became the first Virginia school district to embrace the QTL program. One year later, an intensive case study and evaluation showed the system's implementation has already had a profound effect on teachers' approach to the classroom, and on the school culture.
Read the Executive Summary.
Read the full report.

Case Study: Oak Lane Elementary
school? The program was a major component of a federally funded demonstration project at Oak Lane Elementary in Person County, NC in 2004-05. An external evaluation of that project highlights the importance of professional development for teachers, and the impact QTL™ has had on the school's teachers and students.
Read the extensive external evaluation

How QTL™ Stacks Up to Standards
™ meets rigorous expectations for quality professional development as laid out under No Child Left Behind and the National Staff Development Council, as well as the National Education Technology Standards for Teachers. Details are available

Evaluation is an ongoing process at The Centers for Quality Teaching and Learning. If you have any questions about evaluation results, methodology or plans, contact Evaluation Specialist Jason Clemmer at 888.507.3800 or by email at [email protected].


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