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How does QTL™ help schools meet their professional development needs?

QTL™ is sustained and intensive.
At 50 hours over a year, this professional development program meets standards of No Child Left Behind.

QTL™ creates a community of learners.
Teams are composed of 4-6 educators from the same school, encouraging collaboration in all activities and a collaborative climate in their schools.

QTL™ makes the connection between instruction, technology & content.
QTL™ improves teachers' pedagogical skills. The program models the use of technology to support research-based instructional practices and alignment with that teacher's curriculum.

QTL™ models a classroom learning environment.
QTL™ provides active, hands-on experience that engage all participants, and gives teachers strategies and activities to take back and try immediately.

QTL™ provides coaching and follow-up.
After five days in a model classroom, QTL™ turns theory into practice with on-site work by instructors with participants, and continued support through web-based resources.

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