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What Teachers Say

"It was wonderful. It opened doors. It showed so many different ways to do things we were already doing in the classroom and just didn't know how to integrate a computer into. Everything we did was based on our curriculum. Everything we did was usable. Every school should have it. Every instructor, teacher, assistant, any staff member should be given the opportunity."
Anne Waters, elementary teacher
Perquimans County, NC

"I learned a lot, and I was introduced to so much that it made me sort of excited to look and see what else I could do. I got so many ideas. I had just felt stumped as to how to use technology. It's fun to be exposed to all these neat ideas."
Frankie Doyle,
elementary teacher
Botetourt County, VA

"(QTL™) allows me to integrate technology with everything I do in the classroom. I had never thought of turning my kids loose with the high-tech equipment until I went through this program... I came right back to the classroom and taught the students what I learned."
Pat Cook, elementary teacher
McDowell County, NC

"I have always had a phobia of technology, and now I can't wait to get back to my classroom to implement some of the new ideas... I would encourage any teacher who has the opportunity to attend this workshop to fight for the chance to attend."
Shanna Matthews, middle school teacher
Jones County, MS

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