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What Teachers Say

"QTL™ took teaching strategies that I have had in workshops, classes, seminars, etc. during my many years and showed me how to incorporate them with technology. I also added to my teaching strategies list with some new and practical ideas... In particular I have enjoyed using cooperative groups for science and social studies projects. I vary the method of presenting new skills in math to accommodate different learning styles. I have used contracts and given the students "voice and choice" to decide which activities they will complete to attain certain skills and knowledge."
Survey respondent
Person County, NC

"I just didn't have the background (for making use of technology). It wasn't that I didn't want to, I just didn't have the background. I feel like a whole new arena has opened up for me!"
Michele Aydlett, elementary teacher
Perquimans County, NC

"This was the BEST workshop I've ever been involved in. I learned soooo much new information. I thought that I knew a bit about technology, but I've found that I can always learn something new... I was kind of dreading this, but now that I know about it, I love it."
Tiffani Lyons, teacher
Jones County, MS

"I started the workshop with little technology background and i feel much more comfortable using various programs, the Internet, and applying the knowledge that I have gained from this training in my lessons. It has been so helpful in giving me ideas to try utilizing technology and has given me insight into learning styles, differentiation, cooperative learning and multiple intelligences... Without this training, I would not be using the wonderful technology equipment that my school has been fortunate to acquire in ways that would be most beneficial to my children."
Elaine Spivey, elementary teacher
Nash-Rocky Mount Schools, NC

"User Friendly!!!"
Paige Catt, teacher
Corning, AR

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