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Every Student, Every Day


Our Story


The Centers for Quality Teaching and Learning was founded in 1997 in the wake of a very successful volunteer-driven school wiring project. In the years since, the scope and impact of our programs have grown dramatically.

studentThe organization was born as ExplorNet after company founders organized the North Carolina NetDay event. With help from businesses and school technology staff and administrators, they organized one of the most successful school wiring projects in the nation, saving the state hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Legislators asked what more could be done to prepare North Carolina's classrooms for the 21st Century, and a partnership was born. With funding from the General Assembly and guidance from the North Carolina Department of Public Instruction, ExplorNet created a program that taught students valuable skills as they upgraded donated computers for use in classrooms.

Federal funding took that program into other states, and it was recognized with a Smithsonian Laureate designation. Soon after, ExplorNet began developing other programs that would promote the intelligent, strategic use of technology alongside research-based teaching strategies.

circleToday ExplorNet is known as The Centers for Quality Teaching and Learning, and we offer a variety of professional development programs for teachers as well as instructional leaders. The mission of fostering environments where teachers can reach every student, every day remains our focus.

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