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Evaluation: QTL's Impact Reaches Students
January 2006

strategies graphRALEIGH, NC - New evaluation data shows QTL™ participants are likely to change their classroom practice - and their new strategies can have a dramatic impact on students' learning.

During 2005, new questions were added to participant surveys to measure implementation of specific instructional strategies, and the practical impact of that implementation.

The results showed increased use of every educational concept featured in the program - Multiple Intelligences, Inquiry Learning, Project-Based Learning, Differentiation, Learning Styles, Brain-Based Learning, Constructivism, and Cooperative Grouping.

student attitudesThe most dramatic gains were in Constructivism - which only 35% utilized before the program, compared to 62% afterward - and Brain-based Learning, which increased from 42% to 74%.

In addition, post surveys showed the vast majority of teachers who went through the program believe there was a direct impact on their students. More than 70% cited specific changes they've noticed in their students' behavior or performance; another 23% said it was just too early to answer that, but many of those were hopeful they would see gains.

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