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Teachers Reflect on QTL Experience
March 2009

Teachers from Taylorsville Elementary participated in QTL through a federal demonstration sponsored by the North Carolina Technology Association. Here are some of their thoughts on the experience, collected during post-cycle reflections.

taylorsville qtl"I think this QTL Process will help me become more comfortable in learning to use technology with my students."

"I have learned ways to help students find uniqueness in themselves, relate to others, to their community, and soon even to their world. I have learned about ways to make learning fun using multiple intelligences, collaborative and jigsaw techniques, as well as constructivism (I wasn't quite sure what that word meant!)."

"It made me consider different learning styles, integration, and use of technology. I used a few things this year, and I definitely have big plans for next year."

"The children are more engaged and seem to have better recall."

"Because I use the projector, I know that all students are looking up and paying attention. Therefore, they are scoring better on tests."

"As I continue to plan weekly lessons, I plan to include the best practices that I have been taught. I will be more mindful of each student's individual needs and how I can meet those needs using strategies taught in QTL."

"My students love working together. They enjoy teaching each other, and they get a lot out of it."

"I would tell another colleague that not only was it a worthwhile experience, but it was also one that was interesting and fun. It also helped me consider what I am good at and positivity is a necessity in the teaching profession."

"I think that through our PLC we learned how important it is to work together. We saw the progress the students made and realize how effective the PLC can be."

"A wonderful experience."

"This learning process has shown me new and/or different ways to incorporate technology in my classroom. It has reminded me to constantly challenge my students to do their very best, and that I can use multiple intelligences to increase student learning and engagement."

taylorsville qtl"I think that our teachers have gained some insight on how to bring much-needed experiences through technology to students who are greatly lacking in experiences outside of their homes/community. We all seem to be focusing more on our students - what is best for their learning, how to maneuver around some of the barriers we face as a school."

"Much of what we have learned on instructional practices is how I know teaching should be. It is the fundamental core of how I believe I should teach. QTL has helped make it more "do-able."

"My expectations are to see teachers take what they have leaerned and implement these skills in the classroom... much of this training will help them to demonstrate growth in the areas of 21st Century earning, diversity, global awareness, and differentiation."

"The interest of the students has been very high. I can see growth not only academically from testing, but also socially."

"I have realized that all teachers need to step outside of their comfort zone and try different approaches in their classroom instruction."

"I feel that I was 'awakened' to how students need to learn in order to retain information... so that they are using the higher level thinking skills that are necessary in 21st Century learning and working environments."

"This experience has reminded me of what it is like to be a student. A similar quote, 'the one who does the work, receives the knowledge' was used to explain who should be exerting the majority of the effort, as far as implementation of lessons. I must be more aware of the activity level of students, and make sure they are receiving the opportunity to do the work. By varying learning/teaching techniques, the students will gain increased ownership over the learning process an dreap greater benefits in the end."

"I am a student teacher... This class will impact my instructional practice in that I will try to focus on higher-order thinking skills when I plan lessons."

"I have been going back to my classroom anda showing my students some of the presentations we have completed and also used my learning cube. The students were very excited to see what I have been learning and making and seem enthusiastic about learning to do similar things. I have modeled some of my cooperative learning after a few of the activities we have used in training. My students enjoy sharing labor and responsibilities within their group rather than arguing with each other to accomplish the whole assignment together."

"It has become even clearer that we must work together as a cooperataive team in order for all of our students to be successful. We cannot look upon our teaching as a competition and must embrace our different teaching styles... I have seen how much we have grown in our technology skills and are able to complete creative tasks at a more rapid pace. I expect to see more cooperation among the staff who attended more excitement in the ways we teach!"

"I feel that this will impact my instruction. I feel that I will make more effort to teach my students how to use technology. I wil also make more effort to include activities that will benefit learners who learn better through different mutiple intelligences and learning styles. I also plan to investigate more about cooperative learning and find ways to apply this best practice in my classroom."

"I have incorporated more technology into my classroom. My students are becoming familiar with PowerPoint and other programs. I try to provide more opportunities for my students to be active in the classroom and work cooperatively. I also teach to different learning styles in order to reach all of my students."

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