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Celebrating Success at Parkton
July 2009

Robeson County Elementary principal happy to observe
success at "all levels."

ROBESON COUNTY, NC - Even before End of Grade scores were official, Parkton Elementary School principal Melinda Sellers felt the results would confirm what she already knew:  "We made our first AYP target this year-21 out of 21!"  The Robeson County, NC principal immediately emailed her teachers to share the good news.

"I thanked the staff for working so hard, for being so focused and diligent in their efforts," added Sellers, "My entire staff is going in the same direction now. Everybody is involved in increasing students' education and success."

Sellers says the Instructional Practices Assessment (IPA), a snapshot observation of the schools most common instructional practices, helped Parkton's teachers refocus on the importance of early student involvement.  "First grade is pivotal for a student's engagement, (and) at Parkton, we can already see successes on all levels."

Sellers suggests one of the factors that has contributed to next-level teaching and learning at her school was the decision to put all core teachers through similar training sessions. "Neck-deep learning" she says "gave us the training we needed, the strategies to implement it in the classroom, and the support to keep it going."

That shared experience has increased collegial communication and support. Sellers says that bond helps grade level teams work together more and collaborate on lessons.

Now in its fifth year, Robeson County's partnership with QTL includes consulting and support for focus school administrators, Quality Teaching in the Learning Centered School (QTLCS) training for faculty in focus schools, and the establishment and support of professional learning communities in all focus schools. QTL staff also conducted Instructional Practices Assessments in January 2009 for all focus schools.

Sellers says last year's fall staff retreat with QTL was a hit, "They ate it up-the opportunity inspired them to do even more... I know my staff appreciates the training (and) I'm convinced that QTLCS played a big part in this year's accomplishments."

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