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Brunswick Teachers Give Lesson in Service
November 2008

Educators use community projects to produce active learners and better citizens.

BRUNSWICK COUNTY, NC - Students from across Brunswick County have begun projects aimed at making the world a better place.

Educators are working to get students more involved in their communities and make them better citizens and become better acquainted with how government and government processes work. These projects incorporate specific content areas such as social studies, math, character education, civics, citizenship and the environment.

The projects are designed to get students more interested in learning in school, and all projects are connected to the subject matter required for their grade level.

Brunswick County QTL Instructor Pat Smith says the program has made an impact in schools. "Teachers tell me they have fewer discipline problems, higher student attendance and that engaged students make happier students and teachers."

This month Smith is coordinating an event that celebrates those projects. As the projects are underway in several schools, As the projects are implemented in the individual schools, teachers will be discussing the progress at Leland Middle School from 1-3PM on November 18th.on Tuesday, November 18th from 1-3PM.

Students from several schools are involved in the sharing of ideas for community involvement:

  • During the same time as the celebration at Leland Middle, teachers from Belville Elementary will share their canned food drive for local food shelters with teachers from across the county. (Read about this project in the Brunswick Beacon).
  • Waccamaw School is conducting a school-wide election, as students learn the electoral process.
  • Students from Supply Elementary are improving their awareness of citizenship and how this affects everyday life.
  • Union/JMM Elementary School are studying change throughout various subjects, such as developing money sense in a classroom store.
  • Leland Middle School students are learning to be better stewards of our natural resources by focusing on environmental problems and researching, collecting data and analyzing ways to preserve the Planet Earth.

Brunswick County is a proud partner with the Centers for Quality Teaching and Learning, an educational nonprofit that works with schools and school districts to improve instruction in the classroom and to heighten student engagement.

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