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Reflections on QTL



Testimonial Letters:
Daniel Cockman, Superintendent of Thomasville (NC) City Schools
Sandra Knight Farmer, Principal of Williford Elementary

"Our partnership with QTL continues to be one of the best I’ve experienced in 29 years."
Eddie Ingram
Superintendent, Franklin County Schools (NC)

"Absolutely loved this workshop. Honestly was concerned about coming giving up
a summer for a workshop, but am so glad that I did because this week provided a
wealth of knowledge that will make me a better educator."
Beth Larkin
Franklin Upper Elementary (MS)

“Honestly, QTL is the best program I have been a part of in my 24 years of education!!! During QTL teachers are given the opportunity to take the role of a student and go through an interactive process to collaborate strategies for ways to adapt it to their classrooms. Our goal with QTL is to empower teachers to return to the classroom and be energized and equipped with the skills and knowledge they need to reach every student." 
Sonja Smith
Technology Professional Development Coordinator, Rutherford County Schools (NC)

"QTL has offered an avenue for many of my teachers to go and be refreshed about their teaching and learning. QTL goes beyond technology integration. It offers sound strategies for all grade levels to us in their classrooms. Out of all the workshops our teachers attend, QTL has been the best received by my staff."
Rodney Peterson, Principal
Benson Elementary School (Johnston County, NC)

"The first thing I would tell a colleague about this training is that it truly makes you a better teacher! I have thoroughly enjoyed each day of QTL training, and my students are already reaping the benefits. I feel that I am teaching more effectively to all of my students learning needs now... After several years of teaching, sometimes my creativity gets stifled. With a ‘stifled’ mind, my lessons are not as interesting or effective as they should be. This training has reminded me of many of the things that I learned in college and have been pushed to the back of my memory. I now feel excited again about teaching! Thank you QTL!!!"
Survey Respondent
Franklin County Schools (NC)

"In addition to learning how to use specific teaching methods, I learned not to be afraid of trying new things with technology!"
Cindy Sabin, Teacher
Botetourt County Schools (VA)

"QTL took most of the research-based instructional strategies and theories that I learned about in graduate school and provided useful examples and ideas that I can incorporate into the real classroom."
Marla Webber, Teacher
Rutherford County Schools (NC)

"Every day I use something I learned in QTL, whether it be a mutliple intelligence strategy or incorporation of technology."
Amy Turnbaugh, Teacher
Johnston County Schools (NC)

QTL taught me to meet the needs of ALL my students by providing them with fun, innovative, and rigorous lessons. It also taught me to be "intentional" with all of my lessons. I learned SO much in my QTL lessons that I use each and everyday. My students now understand that educational technology is not only educational games, but using all kinds of technology to enhance their education. QTL has truly been a blessing in my teaching career.
Shena Royster-Davis, Teacher
Warren County Schools (NC)

My teaching style is totally the result of my QTL training. The QTL program is user friendly and it makes teaching more pleasant. The new activities and the interactive exercises really enhancemy classes.
Cecil Hobbs, Teacher
New Hanover County Schools (NC)

I've used the technological information that I obtained in QTL. It has enhanced the focus of my students greatly. They love participating and using our electronic tools for demonstrating their work.
Renee Stamey, Teacher
Haywood County Schools (NC)

“I would like to strongly encourage you to attend all workshops offered through Quality Teaching Learning.  As you know, we have implemented the QTL program county-wide and our strong supporters in this extraordinary program.  QTL workshops support a perfect blend of 21st Century teaching methods and strategies.”
Kevin Bradley
CTE Director, Rutherford County Schools (NC)

As a teacher of academically gifted students, i put nearly every practice to use each day. Prior to the training, I felt I had a very good knowledge and use of these practices, but during the QTL training I found more opportunities for student success. My students have thrived through my experience adn use in the classroom.
Deborah Hersh Carter, Teacher
Moore County Schools (NC)

QTL taught me how to think outside the box when you are teaching and that has really helped me to make some of my lessons interesting for students.
Sunil Dutt, Teacher
Wilson County Schools (NC)

I use many of the strategies I learned and have incorporated them into my classroom. The QTL workshop was one of the few in which I really felt the impact of the workshop into my teaching on a daily basis.
Amy Evans, Teacher
Wilson County Schools (NC)

kids having fun"When the kids are having fun and learning, it is not tedious for them. If they're excited, they're going to learn more and reflect on it more. And when teachers are excited, that enthusiasm is contagious."
Dr. Juanita Clark, principal
West Lumberton Elementary, Robeson County (NC)


"One of the biggest problems with workshops is we are back into the classroom and have no time to implement. With (QTL™), we've had time. This is one of the best things that have happened to our school."
Linda Lloyd, elementary teacher
Orange County Schools (NC)

"This training component is worth underscoring. We can't just be bringing in fancy equipment and imagine that it's just a matter of equipping a school. We need to increases the confidence level of our teaching force. It's a matter of teachers having the initiative and the get up and go to get training. And that's what has happened here."
Rep. David Price, D-NC
After hearing Orange County, NC teachers discuss QTL™

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