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Regional Facilitators begin making one-on-one connections to provide support close to home

September 21, 2004

RALEIGH, NC - The Centers for Quality Teaching and Learning™ is launching a brand new Regional Facilitator program this fall in order to provide a closer connection to teachers in its IT programs. A dozen lead teacher/facilitators have begun making initial contact with teachers at participating schools in three states.

"This is about continuing to build quality programs and sustaining relationships with our participating schools," says Harold Brewer, vice president of programs for The Centers for Quality Teaching & Learning.™ "We believe this will be a real step forward in serving our schools and working toward the best interest of students."

The facilitators' functions include:

  • Contacting the teachers assigned to their region, asking about concerns and needs;
  • Planning and conducting professional development workshops during the fall and winter;
  • Providing an ongoing one-on-one contact for support and assistance;
  • Mentoring new teachers, or inviting those new teachers to visit their more established classrooms.
First-year teacher Nick Nicholson of Cary High School received early advice from Regional Facilitator Phil Vice from Raleigh's Wakefield High. The service also helps teachers already in the QTL™ IT programs.

Regional Facilitator Phil Vice of Wakefield High made quick contact with two first-year teachers assigned to his region. He's given them an overview of the curriculum and resources, along with practical advice on classroom management and ways to get resources. He's also taken a look at the equipment and setup in their labs and advised on how to make use of what they have.

"Being a new teacher this year, I've had many challenges developing my program," says Sanderson High teacher Tim Kuhls, who went through both Computer Engineering and Networking training during Summer 2004.

"I was very enthusiastic about what I had learned; however, I needed help to further guide me with classroom implementation of the curriculum. Phil Vice was able to help me with classroom management, lab setup, and advise for purchases I might need to make later on down the road.

"Having the mentor teacher in place has helped me a great deal to successfully start my program and make a real impact on my students."

Advice from more experienced teachers can help newcomers avoid some of the most common classroom issues. ExplorNet's Regional Facilitators are experienced classroom teachers who act as nearby contacts for participating teachers, and liaisons to ExplorNet staff.

Click here for a list of Regional Facilitators.

For more information, contact Robin Fred via e-mail at or call him at 888.507.3800.

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