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Arkansas teacher jump starts strong program
April 15, 2004

PERRYVILLE, AR - Ashley Jones, QTL™/ExplorNet Computer Engineering (CE) Instructor for Perryville High School in Arkansas, has good news to share: her class is going extremely well, and her students are thriving!

Jones contacted ExplorNet earlier in the school year to share some key highlights of the impact her CE class is having on students. She tells us she had one student who "hated school and wanted to quit" before attending her CE class. His mom began to see changes the program made in his attitude and thanked Jones for making such a difference in her child's life.

"She said in his other classes he felt like he was an outcast because he wasn't as smart as the other kids," Jones remembers. "He felt like the teachers and students were making fun of him.  But she said he didn't feel that way in my class.  He felt just as smart as everyone else.  All the other teachers here talk about what a behavior problem he can be, but this kid is the perfect student for me.  He is sweet and smart and will do anything I ask him to.  I know this class is the reason for it and I feel so honored that I have been able to have such an impact on this student's life through it."

Jones had another student who began his own side business. He has built computers for people within the community, as well as for his church. He is planning to take the national A+ certification exam.

Jones was happy to report that many teachers are requesting assistance from her CE students. Not only does this help offset the time and cost for a technician to work on the machines, it helps to increase the students' self esteem to know they are able to solve real-life computer problems.

According to Jones, the students have built more than a dozen computers, set up a new server, and rewired the elementary campus. Jones says she is "proud to be a part of this" and looks forward to what the program brings to her students, her school district and the community.

"(The Computer Engineering program) is great," she says. "I love it and so do my students.  I have 11 students enrolled... and all but about three are planning to do something with computers after high school.  They have learned so much and are applying it in so many ways." 

Read more about Jones' experiences, in her own words.


For more information, contact Robin Fred via e-mail at or call him at 888.507.3800.

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