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Kelly IT endorses Certificates of Excellence
April 28, 2003

(RALEIGH, NC) - ExplorNet is proud to announce that Kelly IT Resources, one of the world's leading organizations providing information technology professionals to global businesses, has chosen to endorse ExplorNet's Certificate of Excellence program. The Certificates of Excellence are presented to ExplorNet students who achieve high standards in the classroom and in the community.

John Healy, Kelly IT Resources' National Director of Business Development said, "Employers who hire high school graduates should consider the Certificate of Excellence as a strong indicator of the value that a new employee can bring to your organization."

"This is a significant endorsement for the program," said ExplorNet CEO Dave Boliek. "We are delighted that Kelly IT Resources recognizes students for their ability to do the job that needs to be done."

ExplorNet's Certificates of Excellence are designed to measure the most important qualities a job applicant can possess - a combination of the technical knowledge, and the ability to function in the modern workplace. The benchmarks that students must achieve include academic performance, hands-on performance, attendance, citizenship, workplace skills and discipline. Students can also earn points toward the certificate by performing community service such as offering technical support, an internship or part-time job, participation in a school-sanctioned sport or membership in a student organization such as SkillsUSA or Technology Students Association.

Healy noted, "ExplorNet students gain extensive hands-on experience in their high school classrooms. Many aspiring IT professionals gain certification without getting hands-on experience or a complete understanding of how the technology is applied in a variety of settings. Even the most recognized industry certifications tend not to measure an individual's work ethic or personal qualities that might make him or her a good hire."

ExplorNet's Computer Engineering course teaches students how to build, maintain, upgrade, troubleshoot and repair computer hardware. CE students also provide the technical support for the computers in their schools. The Computer Engineering course introduces high-tech job training at the high school level and prepares students to take the A+ Certification exam, an industry standard for computer technicians.

The Computer Engineering project was created by Raleigh, N.C.-based non-profit, ExplorNet to provide students with real-world job skills as well as skills like dependability, responsibility, and leadership that are recognized as key skills by employers.

ExplorNet was recognized by national publications including the New York Times and Wired magazine for its 2002 role in helping Mississippi Governor Ronnie Musgrove enable his state to become the first state in America with an Internet-accessible computer in every classroom. Programs currently operate in North Carolina, Mississippi, Arkansas, South Dakota and North Dakota.

Kelly IT Resources, a business unit of Kelly Services®, is focused solely on the staffing needs of IT organizations and IT professionals. Since 1965, Kelly® has actively staffed the IT industry, and it placed more than 4,500 IT professionals last year alone in positions ranging from project managers to PC technicians, from wireless embedded design engineers to GUI application programmers.


For more information, contact Robin Fred via e-mail at or call him at 888.507.3800.

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