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Computer Engineering

Certification-Based Courses for Future
Computer Engineers and Technicians

ExplorNet's Computer Engineering prepares students for careers as computer technicians, and lays the foundation of knowledge needed for other Information Technology careers. Students build, upgrade, repair and troubleshoot computers while studying a curriculum aligned with industry standards of CompTIA's A+ certification.

cetLevel I of ExplorNet's Computer Engineering introduces necessary competencies for an entry-level IT professional in PC Hardware, Laptop Hardware, Operating Systems, Printers / Scanners, Networks, Security, Safety, and Communication / Professionalism. Level II continues developing expertise in those subject areas.

Along the way, teachers may introduce the class to Linux and other open source software, useful utilities, customer service skills, and much more. The result is preparation for entry level IT jobs, a foundation for further study, and an understanding of the endless array of high tech jobs available now and in the future.

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