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Wakefield Teacher Outlines Use of QTL’s IT Resources

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Robin Fred
The Centers for Quality Teaching and Learning

We’ve worked hard to create and continually improve a program that is truly designed by teachers to benefit students.  It’s always gratifying to me to hear a new teacher say the resources we provide help them get a strong start.  It may be even more satisfying to hear from veterans who’ve been with us for years, and find they can use what we provide to implement a successful program.

Phil Vice of Raleigh’s Wakefield High School is one such teacher.  When we first launched our Moodle system a couple of years back, he was among the first to use it to ‘go paperless.’  He says he uses QTL methodology and curriculum as a ‘turnkey’ solution to preparing his students to begin their IT studies or careers.   He says the system allows him to manage his classroom, make students responsible for their own learning, and prepare them not only to be knowledgeable about technology, but also to develop the habits which will make them good employees.

Phil says Moodle has helped him save paper, and helps in other practical ways such as letting him conduct labs and activities with small groups, while ensuring the rest of the class has productive work to do online.  He also uses QTL’s Moodle-powered online Professional Learning Community to connect with other IT teachers in other schools.

I asked him to document how he approaches all of this, and he graciously wrote up a brief paper that may serve as a ‘roadmap’ for new or even veteran teachers.   I posted his thoughts so you can read them in Phil’s own words.  The link is available from the ‘resources’ page on our website.

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