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ExplorNet IT Curriculum


Built for Students, Teachers and Industry

ExplorNet's curriculum is designed especially for students considering or beginning to work toward careers in Information Technology.

curriculumCurriculum materials are hands-on, vendor-neutral, mapped to industry standards, and written by teachers at a level appropriate to high school or community college students.

ExplorNet's Computer Engineering is a two-level course mapped to CompTIA's A+ certification - the most widely recognized entry level certification for computer technicians and help desk professionals.

ExplorNet's Networking I is an entry level course that lays a firm foundation for further study in network technology, network administration or a variety of other IT careers.

For Digital Media teachers, ExplorNet offers training and some teacher and student resources to prepare students for opportunities in audio and video production, basic web design, or graphics and animation.

ExplorNet's curriculum includes numerous resources to help teachers plan and help teachers learn, plus assessment tools to gauge student achievement.

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