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Digital Media

Foundations in Modern Communications

ExplorNet offers training to help schools implement a new Digital Media program that teaches real, valuable 21st Century work skills.

digitalSchools across North Carolina have begun implementing Digital Media courses, offering students a solid foundation and real hands-on abilities across a broad spectrum -- from audio and visual to graphics, animation and web design.

Beginning in 2009, ExplorNet's Digital Media program will include some teacher and student resources. To participate, teachers must attend the one-week new teacher training session (details below) or, if they've already completed that training, register to participate in the program with the option attend a one-day workshop or webinar (click here for details).

New teacher training sessions are led by teachers at Middle Creek High School, which has developed a strong program in the area in recent years. MCHS students produce regular newscasts, play-by-play podcasts on school sporting events, and much more.

ExplorNet's Digital Media sessions meet the certification training requirements for new teachers of these courses. Participants receive resources and access to an online system that will help them teach the content of this new course. Find information about upcoming teacher training.