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Digital Media Resources

Foundations in Modern Communications

New Resources Added
This year, in cooperation with NCDPI, ExplorNet/QTL will provide Digital Media resources for teachers and students. This is the first step toward a complete curriculum expected in 2010. Included are essential standards documents, equipment lists, teacher guides, and student materials.

Teachers participating in the summer or fall new teacher training sessions at Middle Creek High School will receive access to all available materials at no extra charge this year.

cameraTeachers who attended ExplorNet/QTL Digital Media training at MCHS in 2007 or 2008 or who otherwise meet the state's licensure and certification requirements to teach Digital Media may participate in this program by registering here.

The fee of $295 for the year includes access to the available resources online through Moodle, plus a one-on-one or group online orientation on how to access those materials. Participants are also welcome (but not required) to attend a one-day orientation at MCHS on Sept. 12.

for more information or click here for information on the Digital Media training sessions.