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How does the program benefit schools and communities?

It goes without saying that the first job of any school is to prepare students for the best future they can have. QTL™ for IT Educators aids in that goal by providing curriculum, teacher training, resources and support for fast-changing, highly technical IT courses.

Beyond that, schools can benefit in a variety of ways, depending on their own willingness to allow students to build, re-build, troubleshoot or maintain computers in school classrooms. Doing so can increase the number of computers available to students, and can help overburdened technology staff handle routine duties from fixing problems to installing software.

Communities may also benefit in many different ways - from having a more highly qualified workforce to having students focused on developing much-needed skills. Teachers often report amazing success with at-risk students who excel with the hands-on, technical content and go on to productive careers. Other students have done volunteer work in the community - from wiring police department computer networks to setting up computer labs in churches or nursing homes. The possibilities are virtually endless.

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