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What does a school need to start a program?

Successful QTL™ for IT Educators programs thrive in a variety of environments and circumstances. The primary need is a willing, computer-savvy teacher who is not intimidated by technology. QTL™ trains that teacher to deliver the high tech content and support him or her through the year.

Other factors that contribute to a successful program include:

  • Administrators willing to support the program
  • A classroom lab with worktables for computers and, ideally Internet-connected machines
  • Equipment to take apart, re-examine, and put computers back together (this may be new components, outdated school computers, donated equipment, or whatever else is available)
  • Tools such as computer toolkits, safety wristbands, etc. needed for working on computer components
  • Software needed for hands-on experience with operating systems
  • Students interested in learning about technology
  • Support from the community - from computer donations to field trips and class visits or other opportunities for students.
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