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What's the benefit of this program for students?

QTL™ for IT Educators is created first and foremost with students in mind. The program has prepared thousands of students for promising careers in Information Technology - often including students who were not previously seen as 'winners' in the classroom.

The hands-on approach of QTL's Computer Engineering and QTL's Networking engages some students in a way few other courses have. The program emphasizes active learning, and encourages students to make the most of the fact that students sometimes know more about technology than their teachers.

QTL™ provides a Certificates of Excellence program to give successful students recognition for being job-ready. The Certificates honor technical skills as well as the personal qualities that would make a good employee. Employers get a more complete picture of a potential employee's value, and students have another tool to help them land that first job.

Students who complete Computer Engineering may sit for CompTIA's A+ certification exams. The first level of Computer Engineering covers the content tested in CompTIA's hardware exam, and the second level covers the operating systems tested on the second A+ exam.

QTL's Networking gives successful students a strong foundation for multiple certifications, covering most of the content of CompTIA's Network+ exam and also laying the groundwork for further study and certification in CompTIA's iNet+ or Server+, as well as a start toward more advanced certification programs from Cisco, Microsoft, Red Hat and a host of others.

Most of all, the hands-on approach to teaching and learning stressed in QTL™ programs means students are really learning the content, not just cramming for exams without a real understanding of the content. "Seeing and doing" reinforce "hearing and reading" - a powerful combination for students.

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