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Networking I

A Solid Foundation in Computer Network
Technology and Administration

ExplorNet's Networking gives students a solid understanding of computer networking - how computers are connected, how they communicate, why user access and rights must be managed - and the many opportunities in this Information Technology career track.

networkingExplornet's Networking I covers hardware - from PCs and laptops to routers and switches - as well as architecture and protocols. It also covers network management, including an introduction to the major network operating system software. Students learn the importance of both facets, and can then choose one pathway or the other with a strong understanding of how it all fits together.

Some students go on to vendor-specific technology programs such as Cisco. Others study network administration and operating systems such as Microsoft, Linux or Novell. Many schools implement ExplorNet's Networking in conjunction with ExplorNet's Computer Engineering in order to give students a broad view and firm understanding of computer technology.

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