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QTL™ for IT Educators saves high tech teachers time and makes them more effective by giving them solid, current curriculum and training that encompasses more than the course blueprint. Teachers are exposed to research-based instructional strategies that show them how to effectively reach every student, every day. After initial training, QTL™ provides ongoing support through additional resources, professional development opportunities and peer assistance.

QTL™ for IT Educators encompasses two different courses of study - QTL's Computer Engineering and QTL's Networking. Participating schools may implement either, or both. Students in these hands-on courses learn to build, network, maintain, troubleshoot, repair and upgrade computer hardware and software - all while studying content that meets curriculum standards as well as industry expectations.

Information Technology remains one of the most promising career fields, and these courses lay a strong foundation for careers in the industry.

Opening new doors for students is the primary goal, but participating school systems benefit in other ways. Many have students perform on-site technical support, or even build or refurbish computers for classrooms - thereby increasing all students' access to technology.


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