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Teacher Testimonials


What Teachers Say

Note: ExplorNet programs have been known by the QTL name in recent years. Quotes below refer to the ExplorNet Computer Engineering and Networking I programs by the QTL name.

“Personally QTL saved me as a new teacher. It gave me a pacing guide, a curriculum, and enough training to guide me through the tough first days of a teaching career. My students have made great use of the curriculum while preparing for the CompTIA A+ exam. I simply give them access to my courses and they review the material in order to prepare. I rely heavily on QTL curriculum resources. I have a few textbooks that I refer to from time to time, but I do not use them in class. My students enjoy being able to track their scores and complete activities online. Without QTL I would have to completely rethink how I teach my courses.”
Patrick Stone
Cary (NC) High School

“The QTL curriculum has offered an on-line program that has really engaged the students. Class participation is good and students can use the program anytime and anyplace with Internet access. As a technology teacher the ease of using the program has been excellent. The resources provided by QTL Moodle are closely aligned with the CompTia A+ certification and the course curriculum. The QTL staff has been exceptional in trying to meet all the needs of teachers as well as DPI standards and guidelines for NC standard course of study. The program has been beneficial and specifically designed to help high school students’ success rate in preparing students for certifications as well as job and educational opportunities after graduation. The program layout is an excellent tool and resource for teaching.”
Angela Sanders
Charlotte Waddell High School

“With these resources, I am able to concentrate on the learning experience without having to spend a lot of time on the preparation of the material for the student. I can concentrate on building technical skills.”
Ron Spalding
Olathe Northwest High, Kansas

“If QTL was not available I would have to create a curriculum with moodle and attempt to replicate what we have now. QTL resources save me time grading papers and providing practice tests for the student. The thought of going back to the nightmare it was before makes me cringe.”
Lynn Butts
Lexington, NC

“QTL provides the materials that we use every day. We would not be able to maintain current information and test standards without them.”
Lisa Sloan
North Pitt HS, Bethel, NC

“QTL gives me access to a network of colleagues that I can use as a resource. It also provides us with Moodle, which is incredible. Without QTL, specifically the Moodle resource, I would have to use Blackboard or another equally incompetent course management system.”
Jeremy Fullbright
Raleigh Leesville High School

“QTL has been a tremendous resource in everything I do in the CET classes. The up-to -date curriculum updates add relative information to the course. (It’s a) wonderful setup for all teachers in all situations. We build all the computers for our school system. There are real hands-on labs for my students. Advanced students have the opportunity to work with school tech support staff.”
Hank Hardin
Avery County (NC) High School

“I greatly rely on QTL resources for my classes. I have received some excellent training from QTL. When I first started teaching CET, QTL provided my initial teacher training. Since then, I always try to attend QTL workshops both during the summer conference and during the school year. Their workshops help keep me up to date with technology and workforce development.”
Dan Hopson
Mitchell County (NC) High School

“Students are able to work at their own pace. Using the computer allows them to interact with the latest technology. If the online resources were not available, new text books would have to be purchased every couple of years to keep up with the latest technology. Students can log on anywhere and anytime to keep up, even if they miss class.”
Major Coleman
Durham Hillside High School

“My greatest success with QTL has been to watch students over the years get ahead. This class gives them many hands on experiences and real world situations. I have seen students do well in this class when they are not doing well in other areas of their schooling. It keeps some students in school. This course also teaches students how to work with people they don't really like.”
Wiliford Mintz
Polk County (NC) High School

“Personally I feel I have the support as a Teacher. My students are able to understand the subject and are able to demonstrate their understanding. The curriculum is focused strictly for High School Students. Their standards are high. Because of the high standards, QTL offers a rigor for every school and offer successful test scores.”
Tamarla Adams
Charlotte Ardrey Kell High School

“The curriculum is excellent... and the forum for teachers and the PLC provided by QTL is unparalleled. I would not be teaching computer repair as effectively without QTL. Also, I get a sense of community and feel valued by the group of teachers I have met through QTL. My students have gained the most through our involvement with QTL. They have learned more with this curriculum than from any other curriculum they might have had access to for the simple reason that it was built by teachers who know the content and who know how to teach high school students. No other company provides this technical expertise and pedagogical knowledge.”
Greg Thoyre
Orange High School

“The QTL resources provide a paced structure that can be followed successfully. I am always in the market for more labs and/or ideas. I have taught this course prior to QTL from other canned materials. QTL is the best. Having yearly "updates" to materials keeps me current. I would not teach the course without the materials.”
Tim Stecker
Western Alamance High School, NC

“These materials allow my students to progress to the highest level that THEY would like to obtain. They can progress through the material at a pace that maximizes their own style and learning abilities. Without the QTL resources, I would have to be much more rigid in my approach which would not allow each student to reach his/her own potential while taking my computer engineering classes. At the same time these resources/support allow them to take charge of their own learning which has the long lasting effect of creating lifelong learners!”
Rick Sheldahl
Durham Riverside High School

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