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What Teachers Say

"This program has actually motivated me. I had all the intentions in the world of retiring last year, but after I started teaching this course and working with the hands-on, I decided to stay on a while longer. The kids are constantly asking me, 'can i get in your class?' and that makes me feel like you are doing something that's worthwhile."
Lee Andrew Howard
Port Gibson (MS) High School

"I think that students who go through this program are much more confident to approach employers for positions, they're more confident in seeking scholarships, in seeking opportunities that they probably would not have done had they not had this program... I would be on the front row to tell the benefits of putting this program into a school system - not only for the students, but for the teacher who's going to be teaching it!"
Sharon Mullen
Durant (MS) High School

"It's a fun class. It breaks up the monotony of the rest of my day. Never a dull moment. Always something exciting happening. Definitely not the same thing every day, so it never gets boring."
Robin Migliorato
New Bern (NC) High School

"I really do appreciate the resources made available to me through (QTL™). The Teacher Resource Guide is a great help!"
Lisa Greeson
North Stokes (NC) High School

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