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Computer Engineering Trainings

Computer Engineering Winter Immersion Training
January 14-16
Pinckney Academy - Carthage, NC
Participants in this abbreviated training are strongly encouraged to attend full training during the summer, and may do so at a discount!
Click here to register for this accelerated course.


Computer Engineering I & II (Diagnostics and Operations)
June 12-17
NE Arkansas CC Regional Technology Center, Fayetteville
Click here to register for this training.

Computer Engineering Technology I & II
July 10-15
Fallin Career & Technical Center, Natchez
Click here to register for this training.

Computer Engineering Technology I & II
July 10-15
Capital Center for Quality Teaching & Learning, Raleigh
Click here to register for this training.

About QTL's Computer Engineering Summer Training
This six-day training is an immersion in the technology content taught in the two-course sequence, but a heavy emphasis is placed on classroom management and best teaching practices. The session is led by an experienced classroom teacher who has implemented the program successfully and can share strategies for teaching the materials. The content is based on CompTIA’s A+ certification objectives. During the first three days, participants will cover the hardware-oriented content of CET I. They will build a computer from a kit and learn ways to provide hands-on learning opportunities for their students. The second half of the training focuses on the operating systems and troubleshooting elements of CET II. Participants will emerge with a basic understanding of the content and the QTL and other resources at their disposal, and will have an understanding of what extra study will be required to help them meet certification objectives.

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