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Digital Media Training


New Media Preparation

The Centers for Quality Teaching and Learning, in cooperation with Middle Creek High School, is planning another Digital Media training session during Summer 2010. The training meets the NCDPI requirements for initial training for new Digital Media teachers.

digital mediaThe session is tentatively scheduled for August 2-6 at at Middle Creek High in Cary/Apex, NC. The cost of the workshop is $950, and online registration will soon be available from this page. The day-by-day breakdown is as follows:

  • Day One - Course Overview and Podcasting
  • Day Two - Graphics/Photoshop
  • Day Three - Animation/Flash
  • Day Four - Video Production
  • Day Five - Web Development/Dreamweaver

The training will illustrate how a Digital Media program can offer students a variety of experiences that open doors for careers in numerous fields. The five days will cover:

  • Each of the major subject areas in NCDPI's new Digital Media curriculum (audio, visual, graphics, animation and web development);
  • Recommended equipment and software;
  • Classroom/lab setup;
  • Effective classroom strategies;
  • Participation in a brand new online Professional Learning Community for NC Digital Media teachers;
  • Other topics of interest to teachers.

or call him at 888-507-3800 ext. 228 if you have questions or want information about blueprints or lists or recommended equipment, software and resources. Read more about ExplorNet's Digital Media offering and about the Digital Media program at Middle Creek High.