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Arkansas teachers get first taste of program
August 2004

The Quality Teaching & Learning™ program launched in Arkansas over the summer with groundbreaking sessions in Corning and in Hot Springs.

The initial sessions were in Corning, a district that has already experienced success with ExplorNet's Computer Engineering program. Corning High School generated very positive response after IT teacher Jim Ermert sent students into the community for some impressive community service projects, and ExplorNet's 2004 IT Student of the Year was Corning senior Cody McGrew.

Corning, AR teachers completed a field study at the Hemingway-Pfeiffer Museum & Educational Center in Piggott.

The Corning QTL™ sessions helped introduce that program to the state. And educators who participated say the five-day Cycles they attended -- and the collaborative projects and two days of follow-up planned -- are already having an impact on their teaching.

"I am more aware of how to use the different technologies and see that it is not hard to do," says administrator Mary Wiedeman, who attended the first cycle in Corning. "It just takes an attitude adjustment and realizing that children can learn and use technology very eagerly.

"As an administrator I want the teachers to incorporate a variety of the strategies learned from the workshop," she says. "This is a very useful workshop and made my staff more confident and capable in using and knowing about technology and incorporating it into their classroom activities."

Teacher evaluations indicate teachers are ready to do just that. "I learned SOOOOOOOOOOO much!!" wrote one. "I feel like I am now ready and excited about trying to use technology in my classroom to a greater extent. I feel more confident, although I still have much to learn!! I think this is one of the best workshops I have ever attended!"

Participants praised instructor Tamara McCulloch ("She really knew her stuff!!"), and commented that they plan to make better use of the technology and other resources they have available in their classroom, and also to use research-based strategies such as differentiation and cooperative learning in order to reach every student.

"The programs that were introduced will be effective in supplementing my teaching strategies," says teacher Wendi Ladd. "I will definitely be using technology more often in the classroom. It will enhance lessons and hopefully bring a better understanding of the material to the students."

Click here for more comments from the Corning participants.

The Hot Springs sessions, conducted later in the summer at Cutter Morning Star Elementary, served 32 Garland County elementary and middle school teachers and administrators who participated. Hundreds of students will be the ultimate beneficiaries this fall.

One participant says she was particularly inspired by QTL™'s concepts because education and technology are both passions shared by her family. Read more about Kathy Hopper's personal and professional perspectives on technology in the classroom.


For more information, contact Robin Fred via e-mail at or call him at 888.507.3800.

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