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QTL™ - Capacity First

The Centers for Quality Teaching and Learning™ and Rutherford Learning Group have partnered to develop a Comprehensive School Reform Model (CSR) to be known as Capacity First. The proven strengths of QTL™ and Learning Centered Schools will be utilized to provide leadership and support to schools seeking school improvement through use of the models of the comprehensive school reform program.

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Capacity First addresses and develops all the parts of the learning system that touch skillful teaching- leadership, staff development, collaboration, and school culture. It does so in a manner that avoids disjointed piecemeal programmatic efforts.

QTL™ serves as a keystone in the CSR plan, building a conversation focused on high quality teaching and learning and integrating the use of technology as a tool in meeting the needs of differentiation and diversity in the classroom.
Learning Centered Schools
Building on the profound knowledge of teaching, the Learning Centered Schools program provides an array of interventions that allow individualized development of the model to align with the strengths and needs of each school.

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