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What is the history of QTL™?

The QTL™ program was conceived in 2000, when The Centers for Quality Teaching and Learning™ began looking for new ways to build on its successful QTL™ for IT Educators program, which helped participating schools put more computers into more classrooms. The next need to address was how teachers could use those computers effectively.

After studying other models, QTL™ created a framework that turned the concept of 'technology integration' on its head. Rather than follow the old and standard formula of examining how to integrate tecnology to support what teachers already did, The Centers for Quality Teaching and Learning™ examined research-based instructional strategies proven to impact student learning. The organization developed technology-based classroom modeling that helps teachers understand how to apply theory, how to link theory to curriculum and how technology tools leverage this link to improve student engagement and learning. The framework exceeded expectations in many ways.

The resulting program is about much more than using technology in the classroom. It is about:

  • Helping teachers re-examine their whole approach to the classroom
  • Using new designs of learning (differentiation, multiple intelligences, brain-based learning, diversity, learning styles, cooperative grouping, inquiry-based learning, and constructivism)
  • Blending proven teaching strategies with technology to address the diverse needs of learners
  • Closing gaps, for teachers as well as students
  • Helping schools create collaborative learning communities, and working with them to meet the challenges of No Child Left Behind

Because of this broader focus, the program is now known as QTL™, emphasizing Quality Teaching & Learning™. Evaluation has shown an impressive and positive impact on participants, and the program continues to expand, with QTL™ Centers operating in several states.

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