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What is QTL™?

QTL™ stands for Quality Teaching & Learning. This intensive, seven-day professional development experience for educators was created with the belief that every student deserves a highly qualified teacher. It is designed to model the effective use of best practices in pedagogy, classroom management, instructional design, and the use of technology tools to help students reach their highest potential.

  • By bringing school-based teams of educators into a model classroom, QTL™ creates a collaborative learning community within the school.
  • By focusing on curriculum and teaching strategies first and technology second, teachers learn ways to improve student performance through the effective and appropriate use of computers, digital cameras and other high tech tools.
  • By letting educators experience active, hands-on learning that blends proven teaching strategies with technology tools, QTL™ has an immediate impact on classroom practice. Teachers become less intimidated and more excited about using new resources to meet curriculum goals.
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