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The QTL™ program shows teachers strategies for delivering the standard curriculum in a way that engages every student, every day. For the first time, teachers see how to connect content, instruction, and technology to improve student outcomes.

Because the program has proven so effective at helping teachers engage students in active learning, QTL™ has been approved as a technical assistance provider for Comprehensive School Reform schools.

It is the core offering of the Capacity First Comprehensive School Reform model.

Read why one superintendent recommends QTL™
"to every school system looking for cutting edge, research-based quality instruction."

During a QTL™ Cycle, small teams of educators work together through seven days of staff development. The first five days take place in a model classroom environment. The last two days are school-based, revolving around collaborative projects led by student data and designed by the participants themselves to help meet objectives of their School Improvement Plan.

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