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Arkansas NETI


Support & Certification for CTE Lateral Entry Teachers
Lateral entry teachers face classroom challenges as well as certification requirements. The Arkansas Department of Workforce Education is partnering with The Centers for Quality Teaching and Learning to offer an intensive professional development that helps them meet both.

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geocachingThe Arkansas New and Emerging Teacher Institute is a 90-hour program that gives teachers in their first three years of experience a strong start in the classroom. Participants complete three phases: two face-to-face 30-hour summer sessions in Little Rock, plus a 30-hour online phase conducted during the school year.

All three phases may be completed in a year or less, on a flexible schedule. There are program entry points in June, September, or January. Participants may begin with any one of the three phases and complete them in any order. The first opportunity to enter the program is by attending a QTL Summer Institute I - Foundations in Quality Teaching session scheduled June 15-19, 2009 in Little Rock.

Completed in conjunction with ADWE's 45-hour "SkillsUSA Club Management Institute," the Arkansas New and Emerging Teacher Institute provides 135 hours of solid instruction. The two programs, taken together, meet the requirements for Arkansas' new Skilled & Technical Sciences teacher licensing for secondary and some post-secondary teachers.

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