New & Emerging Teacher Institute
2009 Grant Cycle

Thanks for your interest in QTL's New and Emerging Teacher Institute (NETI) Grants. Each grant provides almost two-thirds of the cost of implementing a six-day session for up to 25 new teachers, conducted on-site in your district. Grantees are responsible for providing matching funds to pay the rest of the cost.

The program, initially funded by the North Carolina Department of Public Instruction and authorized by the North Carolina General Assembly, is designed to help new teachers, particularly lateral entry teachers, be successful during the first years of their career.

These grants are made possible by funding from the North Carolina General Assembly. The matching portion of these grants will be just $5,400 - as little as $36 per participant per day.

Applicants may apply online or download the application, complete it and email or fax it to us by April 30, 2009. You will receive notification of your grant approval status within two weeks of submitting your application.

We're working to make the process as easy as possible. Grant requirements:

  • Applications must be accompanied by a letter of support from an authorized school or LEA officer, printed on official letterhead. A template is provided here.
  • The NETI grant is given in the form of a matching grant, where 64 percent of the program cost is granted by The Centers for Quality Teaching and Learning and the remaining 36 percent by the applicant.
  • Grant funds must be used for QTL’s New and Emerging Teacher Institute (NETI) professional development for new and lateral entry teachers.
  • Preference will be given to rural and low-wealth schools, based on need and support for New Teachers in your district. Early applicants will also be given priority.
  • Districts may partner with other districts in applying for the grant and in delivering the NETI program. Districts may apply for multiple grants to accommodate a larger number of participants in your district or partnership districts.

For more information:

We hope you'll take advantage of this unique opportunity to prepare new and emerging teachers to survive and thrive in the classroom!


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"I am more than happy to suggest that other districts use QTL's model for
New and Emerging teachers...
The classroom management and instructional strategies have been provided in such a way that each teacher is going back to their own classrooms and implementing the next day...
- Terri Sessoms
Professional Growth Facilitator
Johnston County Schools

“I really looked forward to my NETI sessions. I find myself going back to things I learned on a daily basis. I feel more prepared as an educator
from these sessions than any other workshop I attended.”
- Katherine Crompton
Teacher, Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools

“After the first day (participants) were talking about how fun it was, how they were up doing things - they were enjoying it. They liked that the workshop was fast-paced, hands-on and engaging, and loved coming back every session.
- Pat Smith
Professional Development Specialist
Brunswick County Schools

group talk
looking on

“For me, it's been enlightening, it's been encouraging, it's - I actually love my job.
I enjoy each day, getting up, going in to teach... I finally found my calling. Because of these programs that
are put into place for new teachers,
I feel that school systems are
helping us to succeed."

- Centora Holder
Teacher, Johnston County Schools
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