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NETI Reflections


The Value of the New & Emerging Teacher Institute

"For me, it’s been enlightening, it’s been encouraging, it’s—I actually love my job. I enjoy each day, getting up, going in to teach…I’ve finally found my calling. Because of these programs that are put into place for new teachers, I feel that school systems are helping us to succeed.” (Hear more.)
Centora Holder
Johnston County, NC Teacher

“I really looked forward to my NETI sessions. I find myself going back to things I learned on a daily basis. I feel more prepared as an educator from these sessions than any other workshop I attended.”
Katherine Crompton
Teacher, Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools

"I am more than happy to suggest that other districts use QTL's model for New and Emerging Teachers.  Our teachers have said that this is something they wish they had been a part of before school started.  The classroom management and instructional strategies have been provided in such a way that each teacher is going back to their own classrooms and implementing the next day. 

Due to the student success in behavior and academics as a result of this professional development, we are scheduling this as part of our ten day orientation for lateral entry teachers in August so they are better prepared to meet the needs of their students from Day 1." (Hear more.)
Terri Sessoms
Professional Growth Facilitator
School Improvement
Professional Development
Johnston County Schools

“The New and Emerging Teacher Institute workshop was a breath of fresh air for new and emerging teachers. It provided a chance for teachers to get together and collaborate on ways to make their first few years successful. A lot of useful information and readily available resources were discussed throughout the sessions.”
Leigh Beaty
Teacher, Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools

"I have used a number of stratagies taught in our QTL classes.  I have learned different ways to connect with different types of learning abilities of our students. I have learned how to use a Rubric to evaluate my students on their level of learning.  I have also used different types of group activities taught  to us to break down long chapters in our books.  Also, I have used group activities to help teach different color techniques or problem solving.

I think this QTL program has been very beneficial for me as a new teacher at ATU/OZARK Campus.  I also think that the teachers who have taught for a few years are getting new ideas to relate to their programs."
Debbie Neumier
Cosmetology Instructor
Arkansas Tech University – Ozark Campus
Ozark, AR

"I thought this class would be terrible, but it was great. I learned a lot of new ways to teach."
Bryan Holliman, Teacher
River Valley Technical Center, Arkansas

"I know what I'm lacking as a 'Great Teacher,' and I feel so much more inspired on how I can motivate. I am motivated in my new teaching techniques. I've learned a lot."
Connie Kinsey, Instructor
Saline County Career Center

“This training has made me feel a part of a true learning, growing, professional community. I have learned strategies and shared the joys and frustrations of others. Now, I know that I am not alone in my desire to become the best teacher I can, despite the overwhelming feelings of inadequacy and defeat teachers often feel.”
Devan McLean
Teacher, Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools

"I learned about teaching standards. It opened my eyes to new ways of presenting material to students. I would suggest it to any teacher."
Nick Flowers, Auto Collision Repair Teacher

"I am so glad I did it for my teachers!  They continue to thank me and can't wait until the next session...  I would recommend this program to all teachers new or experienced!"
Scottie Burchett, Cosmetology Coordinator
Saline County Career Center

I use many different techniques that I learned from the (Arkansas NETI) sessions. I like to use the PowerPoint method because it allows the kids to be creative and have fun while learning, and since we live in a technical era it fits very well into the realm of kids mind set in today's classroom.
Paul Pipkin, Building Trades Teacher
Leslie, AR