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QTL in Other States


teachersThe Centers for Quality Teaching and Learning actively serves schools in a handful of states, but can offer QTL programs to schools beyond our current area.

Contact us for more information on bringing QTL to your district!


Partnership Development
Dave Boliek

919.368.7031 or 501.255.0557
dboliek [at] qtlcenters [dot] org
dave boliek
Teresa Molter
Director/Partnership Development - NC

teresa molter
QTL Programs
Janice Johnson
Vice President - Programs
888.507.3800 x240 or 919.302.5733
jjohnson [at] qtlcenters [dot] org
janice johnson
Communications/ExplorNet CareerTech
Robin Fred
Vice President - Operations
Director, ExplorNet CareerTech

888.507.3800 x228 or 919.368.7033
rfred [at] qtlcenters [dot] org
robin fred
Sheila Marsh
888.507.3800 ext. 234
smarsh [at] qtlcenters [dot] org
sheila marsh

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