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leadership seminars

Making the Most of the Leader's Day

Principals and members of their leadership teams wear many hats. The day-to-day duties leave limited time to address what may be the single most important factor in student success: teacher efficacy. QTL's Leadership programs help instructional leaders maximize the time they have to help teachers do the best job possible.

Instructional Leadership Seminars

These three-day sessions strengthen administrators' understanding of instructional design and demonstrate ways they can support more effective teaching in every classroom. If implemented as schools are sending teachers through QTL Staff Development, the program helps instructional leaders understand what their teachers are learning and how they can support the classroom implementation of QTL concepts and strategies.
  • Day 1: Teacher Efficacy
  • Day 2: The Constructivist Classroom
  • Day 3: Creating a Professional Learning Community

Topical Leadership Seminars

These intensive, high-level sessions bring administrators from different schools together to gain a firmer understanding of specific concepts and instructional strategies. The day-long sessions help ensure a common vocabulary and understanding of goals across the school district, enabling deeper conversations and stronger results.
  1. Seminar 1: Leveraging teacher Talent for Maximum Results
  2. Seminar 2: Diversity and Differentiated Instruction
  3. Seminar 3: Developing Thinking Skills and Learning Habits
  4. Seminar 4: Engaging 21st Century Learners
  5. Seminar 5: Using Assessment to Increase Learning
  6. Seminar 6: 21st Century Learning for Students and Teachers

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