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Administrator Track

Fish Bowl Coaching
With QTL Fish-Bowl Coaching, principals engage in a coaching process that models classroom observation and results in stronger observation and conferencing skills with teachers.


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Building Administrators' Skills
The observation experience searches for and analyzes use of more complex instructional skills that teachers have experienced in their training. Conferencing skills aligned with reflecting on Best Practices, positive reinforcement, and instructional improvement are modeled and coached to support teacher growth and development through the training.


  • Principals exert a positive influence on the culture of the instructional environment of the school.
  • Principals become more expert as Instructional Leaders.
  • Principals are more confident in conferencing with teachers.
  • Principals become more expert at helping the school build on its strengths to improve student achievement.
  • Principals are capable of recognizing and conferencing with teachers on the use of comprehensive instructional skills essential to positive student outcomes.


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