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Administrator Track


A Sample Three-Year Plan: Administrators

In a three-year QTL Process, administrators would begin the first year with Instructional Leadership sessions that help them understand what their teachers are learning, and how to support it. Topical Leadership Seminars would bring administrators together to gain a firmer understanding of specific concepts and strategies.

seminarsThe second year's processes begin with an Instructional Leadership Seminar that brings school and district-level administrators together. The seminar's focus is to provide a deeper understanding of the strategies involved in QTL and the QTL Advanced Studies programs in their schools.

Also in year two, principals and emerging leaders may be selected for Fish Bowl Coaching to strengthen their skills in evaluating and communicating with teachers.

In Year Three, administrators are heavily involved in guiding their own staff's efforts to build an effective Professional Learning Community through the Whole Faculty Study Groups® process.

All along the way, Leadership Coaching is available for one-on-one guidance.

Administrators - Year One

  1. QTL Instructional Leadership
  2. Topical Leadership Seminars
  3. Leadership Coaching

Administrators - Year Two

  1. QTLCS Instructional Leadership Seminar
  2. Leadership Coaching
  3. Fish Bowl Coaching

Administrators - Year Three

  1. Whole Faculty Study Groups®
  2. Leadership Coaching
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