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Instructional Leadership Seminars
instructionInstructional Leadership Seminars are a two-day Instructional Leadership program designed to provide building and district level administrators an understanding of the instructional strategies used in QTL™ and the QTL™ Advanced Studies programs (QTLCS and Whole-Faculty Study Groups ®).

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Leadership is the Key
Quality teaching occurs throughout a school only when administrators are prepared to support and encourage the planning and work that are required. The Instructional Leadership Seminars address strategies for supporting teachers engaged in QTL™ programs, giving administrators who are supporting the process a '2-Lap Lead' that prepares them for what's ahead.


  • Principals build capacity and buy-in; Principals develop leadership to sustain school improvement initiative.
  • Principals develop higher levels of engagement with teachers.
  • Principals make commitment to implement the QTL process in individual schools.

Each session is up to 6 hours over 2 days.


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