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Administrator Track

Leadership Coaching

adminsWith QTL Leadership Coaching, individual principals or small groups of administrators work with a QTL™ consultant to expand their knowledge and understanding of the processes involved in creating and continuing a successful professional learning community.

In an individual leadership coaching situation, the QTL consultant works with the principal to determine how best to implement QTL™ Model strategies in their school. Specific needs of the school, such as the challenges faced in adaptation to the model, are the focus of the sessions.

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What's It All About?
QTL Leadership Coaching will support the principal in developing a clear “vision” for what needs to be done and options to support the change effort.


  • The principal has the opportunity to address the areas that are challenging to him/her as they take on the change effort.
  • Principals develop awareness, skill, and deeper capacity to lead the change process.
  • Principal is more likely to take the lead and less likely to delegate the responsibility to others, thus improving the overall support of the faculty to significantly engage the process.
  • Principal develops a clear plan that demonstrates leadership and support for others.
  • Effective principal leadership in stimulating and encouraging faculty buy in to the QTL program.
  • Principals are aware of and understand the principles of QTL, how to support teachers who participate in the program, and their role and responsibility to develop a supportive environment for the program in their school.
  • Principals recognize, support and encourage successful, effective teaching and learning strategies.


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