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Topical Leadership Seminars
leadershipProfessional development has a longer-lasting and more profound effect when teachers know their application of what they've learned is important to their administrators.

Topical Leadership Seminars give administrators a much stronger understanding of the strategies their teachers are putting to work in the school's classrooms. This prepares them to discuss the process with teachers. A healthy, ongoing dialog shows teachers that what they're doing is recognized and is important for learning and for development of the school as a whole.

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Making Sense of It All

The life of an administrator is filled with brief encounters. Dealing with teachers, students, parents, other administrators, and unexpected issues can take up the vast majority of time. By some estimates, the typical administrator has 'control' of only an hour and a half of their day.

So where should that time be used? Nothing is more important or has a greater impact on student achievement than improving teacher efficacy. A school partnering with QTL has a powerful professional development program in place, and the Topical Leadership Seminars are designed to show administrators how to get the most out of it.

While teachers are receiving professional development, leaders are being coached on what to expect, indicators they should observe in professional practice as a result of the teacher training, the vocabulary introduced in the training as a means to promote supportive interaction with the teachers, clarification of specific areas to target for support and encouragement that should be incorporated in teacher interactions, and potential areas for special support to further the impact of training.

Sessions are provided for the principal with additional sessions for emerging leadership in the school and system to promote deeper levels of engagement and support for sustained
impact across the school.


  • Principals are established as the instructional leader of the initiative and have ownership of the outcomes.
  • Principals are seen by teachers as clearly aligned with the work teachers are being asked to do; this builds relationship and trust.
  • Principal interactions support the direction of the change and communicate the clear direction and alignment with the training.
  • Leadership in the change initiative is shared; teachers are engaged at a higher level; clarity is supported as “many voices” are informed and supportive of what has to be done.
  • 2-Deep Leadership in support of the improvement effort.
  • Principals recognize, support and encourage successful, effective teaching and learning strategies.
  • The culture of the school is positively impacted, moving toward deeper development of a Professional Learning Community (PLC).
  • Principals gain broader and deeper understanding of the basic skills and tools of teaching and learning.
  • Principals recognize effective application of these skills as they are used in the classroom.
  • Stronger foundation to link interaction of the school with district support. This is based on development of explicit needs and clear direction to support high quality teaching.

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