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QTL Elements


The QTL™ Process includes numerous elements that can be put together and customized to meet the needs of a school or a district, blending professional development, implementation of concepts, development of learning teams, and coaching of teachers and instructional leaders.

teachersFor Teachers:
For teachers, The QTL Process begins with one of our professional development elements, followed by implementation of the concepts learned and the development of learning teams. Read more about the Teacher-Focused Elements of QTL.

educatorsInstructional Leadership:
As teachers build their knowledge and skills through QTL programs, instructional leaders are guided in ways to support the ongoing effort and ensure that it has a lasting impact on the school. Read more about the Instructional Leadership Elements of QTL.

circleSchool-Wide Programs:
The School-Wide Elements of QTL can introduce strategies for creating 21st Century Classrooms, or take The QTL Process to an even higher level through analysis of teaching practices.

Customizing QTL

The QTL™ Process is customizable to meet local needs. Schools or districts can implement the elements that fit their goals, resources, and time frames. Contact a QTL Partnership Development specialist or request information online to get an assessment of your district's needs and the QTL offerings that would help meet those needs.

One attractive option for districts is The QTL Partnership Plan, which builds the capacity for the district's own staff to deliver elements of The QTL Process to faculty and leadership. Find out more about QTL Parterships.