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Why QTL?


Need: Quality Teaching
Nothing is more important or has a greater impact on student achievement than improving teacher efficacy. A school partnering with QTL has a powerful professional development program in place.

franklin county
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Franklin County Schools

This page features research and resources on quality teaching and ways that administrators can promote and foster it within the classrooms in their own schools. QTL provides professional development that supports continuous development of successful teaching strategies.

Resources and Articles on Quality Teaching

Doing What Works
"Doing What Works" is a US Dept of Ed site that posts teaching strategies that work. 

National Staff Development Council
The NSDC sets standards for quality professional development for educators, listing ways it must help teachers "improve the learning of all students."

E-Learning for Educators: Implementing the Standards for Staff Development
The National Staff Development Council and the National Institute for Community Innovations joined forces for this in-depth report on e-learning and its role in staff development for schools. "High quality professional learning on an ongoing basis is one way schools and districts can leverage improvement in professional practice and increased student achievement." The report notes that e-learning works best when it's integrated into the bigger picture as one tool used by members of a Professional Learning Community.