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School-Wide Elements


Bringing It All Together
QTL's School-Wide Elements can be used as the beginning of a QTL Process, to introduce QTL concepts and 21st Century learning ideas to faculty. Or they may come later in the process to bring staff to a higher level of performance through the analysis and refinement of teaching practices throughout the school.

Instructional Practices Assessment
Is one style of teaching (for example, lecturing) predominant in classrooms throughout a school? Or do teachers vary their approach in an effort to reach every student? Answering those questions can be a first step to dramatic improvements in the use of varied and effective teaching strategies. An Instructional Practices Assessment helps administrators and faculties determine what's happening in classrooms, and how it can be improved.

groupThe 21st Century Classroom Series
The 21st Century Classroom Series is a collection of seminars - some appropriate for large groups, others for smaller groups of teachers with PCs or laptops - that can be offered by QTL staff in an individual school. These seminars, ranging from two to six hours, introduce ideas, tools and strategies for engaging today's students in the learning process. Download the list of currently available seminars (please visit again - this list is updated as new sessions are added).

Find out how a QTL Partnership can bring ongoing and sustainable professional development to your district.