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Teacher-Focused Elements


Quality Teaching and Learning
Teacher-focused elements of The QTL Process are designed to be implemented in the order that best meets school or district goals. In a typical three-year progression of The QTL Process, teachers' experiences might follow this sequence:

teachers talkFoundations in QTL
Teachers would begin their journey with Foundations in Quality Teaching and Learning - five days of instruction in a model classroom, followed by structured classroom implementation of the concepts and principles they learned.

In the second year, teachers are introduced to Quality Teaching in the Learning Centered School, or QTLCS. This 30-hour professional development, delivered over several sessions, focuses on how students learn, and how consciously competent instructional design can increase student achievement.

The QTL Practicum
Teachers in the third year of the process bring their learning to a higher level through The QTL Practicum. This element begins with three days of intensive professional development, followed by implementation of concepts. Learning teams delve deeper into collaborative planning and the use of effective instructional strategies.

Implementation of QTL
Each element of The QTL Process begins with group professional development sessions followed by structured, team-based implementation of the concepts.

Hear a Wake County high school principal talk about how QTL has prompted some of her best teachers to think more creatively and lead her school's growth process.


Teacher Coaching
The QTL Process can be augmented with Teacher Coaching by QTL Instructional Specialists. QTL Coaching can be conducted through small-group sessions and/or individual consultation.

New & Emerging Teacher Institute
QTL offers a New & Emerging Teacher Institute to help districts prepare their new teachers for the challenges of the classroom. Appropriate for degreed or lateral entry teachers, NETI is typically implemented on a district-wide basis and can fit well into The QTL Process. Visit our NETI Section for more information on this program.

As teachers build their skills and collaborative processes, instructional leaders learn to understand and support the growth that is happening in their schools. Read about the recommended parallel process for instructional leaders.