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Teacher Track - Year 1


Collaborative Projects
Collaborative Projects follow the first five days of The QTL Core. Teams of teachers use student data to identify specific needs, then develop student-centered projects that address those needs. Projects must make effective use of strategies learned in QTL.

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How Collaborative Projects Work
Individual school-based teams of participants who have been through the first five days of QTL™ together continue working in their small groups to plan and execute collaborative projects that span content areas and grade levels, engaging students across the curriculum.

collaborationTeachers will first meet to plan a collaborative project in their school, using their school improvement plan or other school/student data. Teachers will work collaboratively to complete the program.

A QTL™ Master Instructor will visit the school for one day to see that teachers are effectively using the strategies in the plan and that the plan is on course toward improving some aspect of student performance. Then a Master Instructor will return to the school as the projects are presented to the faculty.


  • Teachers become more aware of the power of collaboration and become part of a collaborative learning community.
  • Teachers are more capable of designing instruction that is data-based across curricula and grade levels.
  • Teachers use 21st Century Work Skills that include: collaboration, teamwork, use of technology, problem solving and critical thinking. In turn, students learn 21st Century Work Skills through participating
    in their own learning.


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