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Teacher Track - Year 1


The QTL Core

qtl coreThe QTL™ Core is the first five days of The QTL Process, during which teachers engage in modeling of research-based instructional strategies.

Teachers quickly recognize that QTL professional development is relevant to the daily needs they address in the classroom.

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The QTL Process™ recognizes the importance of stressing the content to be taught, the use of best practices in pedagogy to promote the learning needs of all students, and the effective use of technology as a tool in teaching and learning. QTL™ seeks to align with and support instructional strategies and programs adopted by the school or district to support instruction.

Scheduling QTL™
Summer sessions are Monday-Friday, 8:30am-3:30pm. Sessions during the school year are available and scheduled to limit impact on classrooms by meeting one day a week for five weeks to accomplish the basic program.


  • Teachers are more aware of use of research-based instructional strategies and are able to effectively demonstrate them in their classroom management, lesson design, instructional practice, and effective use of technology in instruction.
  • Teachers are engaged in a conversation focused on quality teaching that builds professionalism and collaboration.
  • Teachers begin to recognize “How” to begin to address the needs of all students and are encouraged that they can succeed.
  • Teachers are more likely to seek collaboration and to promote change that supports improved student outcomes.
  • Quality teaching is elevated as standard in the school.
  • The engagement of teachers in quality teaching provides a rich framework for leadership to engage in the change process.
  • Higher levels of engagement for students leading to improved retention and higher performance.


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