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Teacher Track


Teacher Coaching
Other elements of The QTL Process may be augmented with any of several forms of Teacher Coaching. Teachers selected for coaching select a strategy they want to improve. A QTL instructional specialist observes the teacher using the strategy and offers a guided reflection to help increase the teacher's effectiveness.

teacherThe resulting conversation is not a 'critique' of performance, but true 'coaching' - a powerful process that uses teachers' own thought processes to lead them to a higher level of instructional practice.

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One Step Further
The modeled instruction of QTL gives participants a lot to think about, and gives them a better understanding of the many strategies that can help them reach every student, every day. Collaborative projects and other follow-up options provide an opportunity to put theory into practice - planning thoughtfully, then using specific strategies in their own classrooms.

Reflective coaching is offered for individual teachers or for small groups. It provides a guided structure for extending QTL participation in the school.

Individualized Reflective Coaching
The instructional specialist organizes coaching sessions with individual teachers to facilitate reflection on the implementation of a chosen strategy or principal. Following observation of a lesson chosen by the teacher, the coach guides the teacher through a set of questions designed to elicit thoughtful examination of the lesson and the strategy or principle at work. The intended outcome is that teachers analyze the effectiveness of their teaching methods and identify, for themselves, areas for growth and improvement.

Small Group/Study Group Coaching
The instructional specialist delivers mini staff development sessions (30 minutes - two hours) throughout the school year, to instruct small groups of educators on the details of creating an action plan, performing action research, examining student work, designing effective assessments, and other related topics. The mini-sessions help teachers develop a deeper understanding of the processes involved in WFSG and in effective teaching on the whole.

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