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Why QTL?


Benefits for Students, Teachers and Schools
QTL engages teams of teachers in a process that grows to encompass entire school faculties. The result can transform schools in several positive ways.

QTL Has Been Shown to be Effective

evaluationEvaluation of the QTL program has shown that the process has a positive impact on participants and the culture of the school. The result: higher levels of student engagement and a true improvement of the learning environment. Read about evaluation of QTL, and read what participants and administrators have to say.

QTL Promotes 21st Century Learning

inquiryPreparing students for the 21st Century workforce should be a primary goal of every school. QTL emphasizes teaching that helps students develop those skills - from creativity and innovation to critical thinking, problem solving, communication, collaboration, and use of technology and information gathering. Read more...

QTL Fosters Better Teaching

teachingTeacher efficacy is the number one factor that impacts student learning. QTL's professional development focuses on improving the quality of teaching in the classroom, so that increasing student achievement is front and center as teachers plan and deliver more effective lessons.

QTL Creates the Environment for School Improvement

collaborationShow us a school where teachers are constantly building their skills and administrators actively support growth and collaboration, and we'll show you a place where students are learning what they need to succeed in the future workforce. The QTL Process helps schools reach that goal. Read more..

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